• Battlefield 3 - PS3 / PC

    We just don't give a fuck and we do what we want and when ever we want. We are the last HardCore players of BLF3. we are a life and killing...!
    We are more like an group of friends that are still actief on battlefield 3! Clans, friends come and go but WrD is here to stay till the END

  • Battlefield 4 - PS4 / PC

    The love for battleield 3 is to strong, but one day will come that we shall move along. For the ones that already are there and are waiting for us to come and have fun can already join War DeviLs on battlefield 4. If you want to be clan leader on blf4 contact roOTCr4k.
    Let's make this community grow!
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  • Battlefield 1 - PS4 / PC

    One more for the collection, I don't know what to say about this game, mix felling...but if downloaded the beta and it was fun. When dice have every thing up and running, platoon will be available.
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