• Squad A Tank

    Traning every saturdays look at event calender below.

    BF3 Stats

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    WrD Contacts Languages
    Founder: roOTCr4k Flams Nederlands Portugues BR English
    Leader: psychomaniak_2 Nederlands English
    Leader: TheCrysis666 English
    Leader: ll-pojl-ll Arabic
    Leader: rene_de-idoot Nederlands English
    Leader: xXThatsaWrapXx English

    If you have any question abouth wrd or our website just send us an email.

    Tank 1 Driver: psychomaniak_2 
    Gunner / Repair: rene_de-idoot

    Tank 2 Driver: Chris78JP
    Gunner / Repair: midniterider1371

    If your name is not here don't worry, get more online and play with us we will setup an spot for you. And if your not online spot gose to next member.

  • Squad B Heli and jet

    Heli pilot: hilfry 
    Heli Gunner: roOTCr4k 

    Jet 1: Mr Jagermeister-
    jet 2: open...

    If you think you got it ....let it see and let me know we have a spot for you.

    • WrD Members

      There are lots of WrD members and the list is to big to put it here.
      You can find the full list HERE. If you want to join WrD contact roOTCr4k  or psychomaniak_2.

      Any one can join the clan dos not matter if your noob or pro! if your boy or an girl. We just want that this community grow...

      WrD Members List                 Join WrD

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  • WrD Event Calendar

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